GSTAR 2022 Curtain Raiser

The aim of GSTAR is to explore pressing challenges emerging from the global strategic environment and technological developments impacting national security and providing inputs on future counterstrategies, especially in the aerospace sector.

The Centre for Aerospace & Security Studies (CASS) is holding its two-day flagship International Conference called ‘Global Strategic Threat and Response (GSTAR)’ from 19-20 Oct. 2022 under the core theme ‘Evolving Global Order: Challenges and Opportunities.’ A curtain raiser for media was held at CASS on 12th Oct. 2022 with a view to share the details of the conference. Representatives from all major national and international media houses attended the curtain raiser.

The biennial GSTAR is a unique international forum, initiated by CASS to review the most significant global strategic trends and challenges by bringing together national leadership, reputable international and Pakistani experts from think tanks, academia, defence services, intellectuals, and OEMs as well as provide an opportunity to Pakistan’s policy leadership to share the country’s strategic vision. The conference will feature international scholars and practitioners from Canada, China, Germany, Latvia, New Zealand, United States and United Kingdom. In addition to the Inaugural and Closing plenaries, the conference will have four thematic plenaries on ‘International Security Environment: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities’; ‘Geoeconomics: Driver of the Asian Century’; ‘Emerging Technologies & Future Warfare’; and ‘Aerospace Security: Determinants and Future Prospects’. The two-day event is being organised at Air Headquarters Officers’ Mess in the capital, Islamabad. The media personnel were also shown around CASS premises and briefed about the Centre’s work.