About CASS

Who we are and What We Do

The Centre for Aerospace & Security Studies (CASS) was established in 2018 to influence policymakers and inform the public about issues related to aerospace and security from an independent, non-partisan and future-centric analytical lens. The Centre produces evidence-based research on airpower, defence and comprehensive security.

How We Do it?

CASS provides independent insight and analysis on aerospace and international security issues, of both immediate and long-term concern through a diverse range of detailed research outputs disseminated through both direct and indirect engagement on a regular basis.


CASS comprises of experts in the field of:

  • Foreign Policy
  • National Security
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Aviation Industry & Technology Studies
  • Economic Affairs & National Development
  • Warfare & Aerospace
  • Strategic Defence, Security & Policy
  • Peace & Conflict Studies¬†